Indigo Nails Powders 

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    Baby Blue - Pastel, acrylic powder. Perfectly fine and pliable product tailormade for spectacular stylizations and decorations.

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    Would you like to highlight the beauty of a sun kissed skin? Pick an acrylic powder Indigo Cover No. 2! The warm, milky-peach shade will add a bit of colour to the nails and highlight the tanned skin. Thanks to a high opacity it covers the imperfections of a natural plate and makes it look healthy.

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    Indigo Cover No.1 Natural 90% covering rose. Perfect camouflage of nail plate imperfections and it gives healthy and natural look. Fine and flexible powder doesn't crystalize. Piece of cake in creation. Weight : 38 g

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    Indigo Cover No.4 Glamour Rose powder with glitter, covering in 100%. One of a kind camouflage with a pearl shine. Our offer for french manicure and wedding nails. Perfect alternative for clients who love french manicure and don't want to give it up because in the same time they like a bit of craziness. Weight : 38 g

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