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    Are you looking for the perfect tool dedicated to biological manicures? Try wooden cuticle sticks - the best alternative to the metal cuticle pusher. When you done, you can throw the stick and reach for the next one.

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    A professional nail pinch clamp is an essential tool of any nail stylist. The black colour makes it an elegant and handy gadget. It works fantastic with gels and acrylics.

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    Brush for effect powders in the shape of a rose. This handy tool will help you in getting rid of excess powder and at the same time add a charm to the interior decor of your salon. They say that there is no rose without a thorn. Well, here it is! Flower Brush for effect powders with soft bristles definitely has no thorns. See for yourself!

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    Applicator for MetalManix Multi Chrome Wondering how to get that perfect mirror effect on your nails? Metal Manix Multi Chrome should be applied on a product without dispersion layer. But with what? Our applicator!

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    Dotter Tool It's one of the most all-purpose tools in a nail technician's hand. This tool is perfect for precise application of Swarovski crystals, zirconias, studs, jewellery and other delicate adornments. It's necessary for the creation of NailArt designs - during applying of product and creating effects.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items